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New User help manual for submitting CV
Please read the following instructions carefully and use them as a guide to assist you with the CV upload process.

Please ensure you gather all information before you apply, as you will not be able to save your CV as a draft. It will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to submit a CV.

Technical difficulties preventing you from submitting your online application can have various causes (poor internet connection, firewalls, file size of attachments, etc.). In most cases, applying again later will resolve the problem. In the unlikely event that the problem persists, contact us through help@jobtake.netand we will support you in submitting your CV.

Step 1 : Register as a new user by providing a username (Your E-mail id will be username) and password. Your username and password will also allow you to log-in to the at any time to update your CV.

Submitting your CV
You can upload your complete CV in original format by clicking on "attach CV" located toward the end of the information form or by copy/pest in text box. If you choose to upload your CV as a file, please note the following instructions:

. Do not protect it with any kind of password.
. Do not include pictures of yourself in your CV.
. You can only attach one single file.
. Only the Microsoft's word file with extension .doc types of files are allowed.

After you click on the "submit form" button, the system will check for any missing mandatory data and take you to the respective screen to complete the information. After you have completed the missing information, click on "submit form" again and the information will be recorded in the system. The system will confirm receipt of your online application.

Job posting guideline in

There are 2 easy ways to post Jobs in You can choose either of them
1. Post your requirement at our forum in the respective job section.
2. Send your requirement mail to And we will take care of publishing them provided they meet all guidelines mentioned below.

Please make sure that you follow the below instructions , otherwise it's difficult to approve your requirements.

If you want a job opportunity to be published at , please send it to along with all the necessary details & format mentioned below.

1) At the top of mail, You should mention that you are completely responsibal for any consequences of publishing the information . Because you might even receive thousands of resumes/phone calls .

2) If You are a HR/Consultant, you must mention the Company name and Details for which you are holding the requirement and preferably give your official mail ID and/or phone number for sending the resumes. You Should also provide your (and your consultancy's) details.

3) Subject Line of Mail


Automobile professionals required for company name, location, year of experience
We need Testing professionals for our client company name, location.

4) Body of the Mail

* Company Name, Location, Address, Website
* Skill Set & Experience Needed
* Category of Job ? (Software / Hardware / Call Center / Management
* Job Description (If applicable)
* Where to Apply ? (Mail ID / Website URL / Phone Number)
* Date, Time, Location, Address of Recruitment Event (If applicable)
* Last Date to Apply (If applicable)
* Your Details (We can keep them confidential if you want, but we should have a way to contact you for any clarifications.)
* The more details you provide, the faster requirement gets published. It also reduces the number of irrelevant resumes to you.