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1. How do I edit or delete a Job post ?
If you made any mistakes with your own posts, you can manage ( Edit/Delete/Refresh) posted jobs or immediately report to the administrator through E-mail: for the relevant post.
2. How many jobs can I post ?
You can post unlimited jobs.
3. How can I view job applications ?
You can view applications for your jobs in two ways:
1. An email will be sent to you every time a candidate applies for a job.
2. You can login to your account on and view the listings of all the applications for your jobs.
4. Will arrange for the interview with the candidate ? will not make any arrangements with either the company or the candidates for interviews or meetings. Once the company receives the application it is up to the company to arrange the interview of selected candidates.
5. Does guarantee or recommend candidates information ? does not guarantee the credentials of any candidate nor does it recommend any particular candidate. The job seekers database is an open system wherein any individual can list his resume and apply. However if notified about false credentials of any candidate will take the necessary action. Any abuse or fraud must be immediately notified to the administrator.
6. Why should I register on your site? What's in it for me ?
The traditional approach to finding professional workers is inefficient because it is reactive, filling requirements as they come up.We work differently because our approach is proactive, focusing on finding and cataloging the talent you need, then managing it for you as a critical business asset that increases in value over time. But finding the right talent is only the first step.

Some key features of our Human Resource Management:
On-demand: Provides access to specialized talent pre-cataloged by:
- Areas of technology expertise
- Industry background
- Geographic preference
Forward-looking: Maintains contact with candidate for future engagements.
Partnership: works closely with you to forecast future demand.
Competitive market rates: Keep you current on market value so you can make good decisions.
Once you become a client, we configure the resource needs of your organization. We work with you to understand the talent critical for your success, and then analyze your workforce needs and provide right talent available when the required.
7. What are the criteria for listing of companies ?
Any company with valid credentials can post jobs on the site and receive applications. Please contact office to have your company registered with us.
8. Are there any fees for registering our company and listing jobs ?
Please contact office or mail at for details on the same.
8. How will I be able to search candidates ?
After completing the registration process with you shall be given a username and password for your account. You can login and search for suitable candidates from the database.
9. How can I post jobs on your site ?
After logging into your account on you will have the facility to post jobs available in your company. These jobs will be added to the database which will be searched by job seekers. For more detail about job posting refer to job posting guideline.
   For Candidates >>
1. Who can register in the job seekers section of ?
Anyone can register with You have to fill a registration form after which you can login to your account and make changes to your online resume, add experience information and also search and apply for jobs.
2. Why should I register on your site? What's in it for me ?
Don't wait for the perfect job to be listed before submitting your CV ! Many of the best positions are never advertised on the site, as companies prefer to search our Resume Bank and contact candidates directly.

Think of your CV as something valuable like your savings - if you deposit it with us:

1. It is safe and secure (we scan documents for viruses, and perform backups on a daily basis).
2. You can access it from anywhere, whenever you need it.
3. And it earns interest - the interest of the best companies in the industry who might be searching for someone like you right now! Moreover, once your CV is deposited, you can:
A. Apply to our listed jobs
B. Keep an eye on the market via our job email alerts
C. Contact staff when you have any questions Besides - it's all free of charge, and very easy - as you can simply upload your existing CV/Resume document.
Once you complete registration profile, our team will be in touch you to understand your career goals and skill set. If your profile is a good fit for our current clients, we can help connect you to career opportunities with our clients. Even if you are not seeking contract/permanent work at the moment, our network offers resources to help you further your professional development.
3. You don't have a category for my profession, and it keeps asking for me to select one ?
Please use the "Other" category that is meant for professions like yours, team will be take care for this task and inform you through E-mail.
4. I registered but cannot log in ?
First check that you are entering the correct username and password. If they are okay then maybe your account need activating. When you registered it would have told you. whether activation was required. If you were sent an email then follow the instructions; if you did not receive the email then check that your email address is valid. One reason activation is used is to reduce the possibility of rogue users abusing the website anonymously. If you are sure the email address you used is valid then try contacting the website administrator or mail us
5. Do I have to pay to register in ? is completely free for job seekers.
6. Who will see my resume ?
Your resume is available only to companies registered with These companies will be able to search your resume and the resumes of others listed on our site. Your resume will not be visible to individuals and non registered companies.
7. Once I apply for a job and send my resume, how do you withdraw or cancel a application ?
Once applied the application goes to the concerned Company and nothing can be done withdraw your application.
8. How can I apply for a job listed on your site ?
To apply for a job you have to be a registered member of after registration you must login to your account. After you have successfully logged in you will be able to apply for all jobs.
9. Will guarantee an interview or a job? does NOT guarantee an interview or a job. The companies shall select a candidate on merit for interviews and jobs. is not involved in the companies' recruitment procedure. only conveys the application to the company.
10. How many jobs can I apply for ?
You can apply for as many jobs as you feel necessary. You can apply for each job only once. You cannot keep reapplying for a single job. Please note that if any user is found to be abusing the application process we shall remove him from this website.
11. How will I be notified about a job interview ?
If your CV short listed for applied position concerned company will contact you through contact detail provided by you.